Ormewood Park

Fulton County | 30316

Ormewood Park has a long history dating back to its origins as part of the Creek Indian Nation until approximately 1825 when land was distributed via lottery. Most lots in Ormewood Park were converted to working farms until the late 19th century.  One of Atlanta’s ‘streetcar suburbs,’ a trolley line extension into the area that was constructed in 1891 allowed businessmen to relocate to Ormewood Park and commute to their jobs downtown. The line was originally run with steam trains before being upgraded to electric trolleys in 1894.

Initially developed in 1892 following World War I, Ormewood Park came about as part of a construction boom. Prefabricated and catalog homes from this era can still be found in the neighborhood to this day. Today, the community is quite active. The Ormewood Park neighborhood is quite active, with street festivals such as the Ormewood Park Maker’s Festival bringing residents out of their homes to showcase and sell local, artist-made goods. 

Ormewood Park’s proximity to Grant Park, East Atlanta Village, the Glenwood Park Village, and the unpaved Southside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine make this neighborhood convenient to access. Larger lots, new retail and restaurant developments, and a vibrant community of neighbors continue to draw newcomers to settle down in Ormewood Park.

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