East Lake

DeKalb County | 30316, 30317

Much like Atlanta’s symbolic phoenix rising from the ashes, the historic community of East Lake has enjoyed a distinct rebirth in recent years. Originally part of a plantation and later divided into cottage lots following the civil war, the community grew around the shores of the lake itself. With many of the bungalow and cottage style homes here dating back to the early 1900s, neighbors initially moved here to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. When the recession hit this community faltered, its large pavilion and beachfront amusement park sitting abandoned for a number of years.

One of East Lake’s crown jewels is the East Lake Golf Course, built in 1904. This course is home to the PGA’s annual Tour Championship, bringing the finest golf players from around the world to compete on the rolling hills of this esteemed golf course. Today, the East Lake community is made up of many legacy neighbors who have fought to maintain the community despite the onset of development around it. Many who move to this neighborhood choose new developments such as townhomes and new build homes. Currently under construction is a Lidl grocery store on Memorial, and neighbors also benefit from the East Lake YMCA on Memorial. Easy access to Oakhurst, Kirkwood, and East Atlanta have made this an increasingly desirable place to call home.

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